In-depth workshops feature experts that offer a working insight into topics that impact your bottom line. Work with peers through skill sets, like nailing your finances and pricing structure, turning prospects into fanatics, or exponentially growing your idea generation and turning them into executable money makers. These sessions are limited in attendance and are on a first-come, first serve basis. 



Spreading the Love: Designing the Customer Experience Journey

Lara McCulloch, Brand Consultant

Are you tired of spending money on marketing that isn't working? Do you want to keep more of your ideal customers? Would you like to know how to build an army of raving fans, who sell your business for you, for free? Learn how to design a conversation-worthy customer experience journey that'll reduce your spend, turn customers into evangelists and dial up your revenue.

Other Workshops Include:

Design Thinking: Problem Solving Power

Rob Barber, Atomic Design Inc.

"Design Thinking” isn’t just for the designers, it’s an approach that can be applied by every event professional. The conversation will range from how to adopt a design mentality, to the idea of design thinking as a method of effective problem solving for all aspects of your next event. 

"Design Thinking” is critical to effective business practice and has been identified by the Institute for the Future as one of the top 10 work skills employers will demand by 2020. More and more, design roles are being incorporated in more unlikely fields (such as business management) to help solve issues and problems.

By the end of this workshop, you should know how to apply design thinking to create innovative events, learn new ways to problem solve and truly test yourself through interactive challenges.

Warrior Finance

Cher Przelomski, CEO; Vice President, Planning Factory International

Do you really know how to price your jobs? How do you protect your creative Work Product? Can you get clients to hire you before you put one word on paper (the answer is YES!)? What about tracking your income so that you ALWAYS know if you’re bringing in enough to cover the bills? What if you had a tool that could reign in an out-of-control client who keeps making additions to a project, but thinks they don’t have to pay more — for items or your time? Or maybe you’re dealing with the infamous “scope creep” by a committee who can’t understand why you are reluctant to take on those volunteers they said they would organize.

Learn how to immediately recognize the relationship between client expectations and your finances, and what tool is necessary for the situation at hand. You will learn to establish guidelines that avoid miscommunication or conflict with clients, vendors or even your own team. You’ll be given an arsenal of tools that support and protect your business operations so you CAN do what you love: create special events!

Powering Ideation: Inspiration to Execution

Jocelyn Flanagan, CSEP, Founder & CEO, e=mc2 events
Keri Miller, CSEP, Partner & Chief Creative Strategist, e=mc2 events

To survive in a field that is growing in number of practitioners while clients become more and more empowered through the internet, you have to excel at bringing ideas to life. Innovative design companies will tell you, it's not about taking one idea and making it perfect. It's about developing many, many ideas. The companies that can do this and execute those ideas best will win valuable market share.

In this workshop, you will go through ideation processes to help you achieve greater creative output. Then, an exploration of how to take ideas from "dream" to "reality" in the event realm.

C-Level Suite

Nigel Collin, Strategic Consultant

Running a business is incredibly difficult. Running a creative business, even more so. The fastest, most effective method of absorbing and learning best business practices is to engage in peer to peer learning. This closed door session - open only to Business Owners and C-Level Employees - is your chance to give and take on topics that impact every event business. The sessions, held off-site, are privately kept, so the sharing can be free and open. The session will then continue the next morning based on the demand by participants. This transformative session is an essential tool to moving businesses and the industry forward.

"E"mployee Suite

Sara Grauf, Giants Enterprise
Lisa Marks, CSEP, Shaw Communications

Feeling stuck?  You’re not alone.  Whether its your career development, the office culture, your company’s direction, your problems at work are not yours alone.  Whether you are 1 year in or 20...Whether you are at a small business or a corporation...It’s time to gain a voice.

This session is an open forum discussion format where employees in event agencies can speak openly and freely on the topics that are top of mind for them. A chance to say the things they've always wanted to say amongst their peers. The goal of the session is to develop a singular message from many voices about the items most on employee minds and to then share that message. The end result? Greater insight for and potential impact on employers.

*Subject to change