In-depth workshops feature experts that offer a working insight into topics that impact your bottom line. Work with peers through skill sets, like running your business, the creative process, and the importance of building relationships and collaboration. These sessions are limited in attendance and are an additional cost to conference registration.

Thursday, 16 August*
12:45 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.

Creative Super Heroes Have NO Box

Tahira Endean, CMP, DES, CED
Track: Inspiration & Trends
On or Before 29 June: $225/After 29 June: $275

Event creatives, the people and agencies, are often asked to come up with “creative, out of the box ideas which have never been seen before” via a paper or e-RFP without a conversation. Please stop. Please stop sending your “best” ideas before having a kickoff conversation. To use an event to deliver on objectives in a purposeful and innovative manner starts with true creative ideas rooted in collaboration, trust, an understanding of culture and appetite for experience creation. When the requirement is for a transformational experience using an event, you need to design from a place of deep understanding on both sides. The clients need to know they have the “right” team in place for the task, one that fits with their team and has the creative vision and skill to make the event phenomenal. So how do you build the relationships so this can happen? Join this workshop to explore how trust is built, discover the visual tools that best tell YOUR creative story, and imagine and find new spaces for ideas and inspiration. Visit the ILEA Live registration page to register for a pre-conference workshop.   

Chopped Kitchen Challenge

Sheraton Denver Chefs
Track: Honing Your Craft
On or Before 29 June: $225/After 29 June: $275

Teams of attendees along with one professional chef from the Sheraton Denver will plan and execute a menu, each team will have one station and will be provided with one mystery box containing an assortment of mystery ingredients. Each team will be asked to create an appetizer, an entrée and a signature cocktail. This will be a competition with winners announced at the end of the workshop. This is an interactive and exciting way to stretch those creative-thinking and improvisation muscles that can take your business to the next level, while developing your culinary skills! Visit the ILEA Live registration page to register for a pre-conference workshop

Management Peer Group

Speaker information not available yet.
Track: Business Owner Strategies
On or Before 29 June: $225/After 29 June: $275

Join your fellow owners for a workshop centered on addressing the trends and challenges affecting your small business today. From diversity and inclusion to pricing strategies, hear short presentations on each topic followed by ample time for group discussion and solution sharing. This workshop will tee up conversations for the days ahead and networking connections well after the event. Visit the ILEA Live registration page to register for a pre-conference workshop

Please note: ILEA Live Workshops are an additional cost and not included in registration.

*Subject to change